Organic chicken farming at Äntu Manor


Estonia’s largest organic egg producer: The price of organic eggs should be even higher

The largest organic henhouse in Estonia, built on the Pandivere Upland in Lääne-Viru County, produces more three million per year, which represents just under one percent of Estonia's total consumption.

About Us

Äntu Mõis OÜ is an organic farming company located in Äntu village, Lääne-Viru County, Estonia. Chicken and egg farming has been the source of income here for over twenty years. Since 2008 already, sustainable farming has been our practice, and since 2012, we have been focusing on organic poultry production. In autumn 2021, organic broiler meat was introduced under the KIKERIKII brand in addition to organic eggs.

The fertile lands of Pandivere also provide food for our chickens. We grow our own crops here, following the principles of sustainability. We fertilize our fields with the most precious fertilizer – chicken manure.

Behind every decision we make is the desire to preserve nature. Organic farming is close to our hearts in many ways. Huge water reservoirs are located under Pandivere Upland, which supply almost all of Estonia’s springs with clean drinking water. Our intention is not to pollute these shared water resources with pesticides.

Sustainable is superior

In order for KIKERIKII packaging to have the organic logo, we have provided our chickens with the appropriate living conditions.

Sustainably grown chickens need to have enough space to communicate with one another, snooze on a roost if they wish, and forage outside when the weather is nice.

Contact Us

Äntu Mõis OÜ
Äntu küla, Väike-Maarja vald 46234, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia
Registry code 10516331
Phone: +372 5664 1153
E-mail: info@antumois.ee
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Lauri Bobrovski
Board member
Phone: +372 523 0732
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Liina Alber
Phone: +372 566 41153
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Martin Hiiemaa
Technical Manager
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Katrin Lessel
Sales Manager
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Marketing Manager
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In 2021, Äntu Mõis OÜ acquired poultry farming house equipment with the help of the rural development support sub-measure 4.1 of the common agricultural policy under the Estonian Rural Development Plan (ERDP) 2014–2020.

In 2019, using the rural development support sub-measure 4.1 of the common agricultural policy under the ERDP 2014–2020, Äntu Mõis OÜ replaced the heating appliances in the poultry houses with the purpose of improving their indoor climate, ensuring a more even temperature and reducing heating costs.

In 2018–2020, using the sub-measure 6.1 of the ERDP 2014–2020, Äntu Mõis OÜ purchased egg production lines for the poultry houses with the aim of making egg production more efficient, and a front-end loader for loading and clean-up.


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